New ‘Digs’ Press’d


BlogTO is once again on top of the Booming action down at 215 Spadina.  Take a look at this terrific little article right about here.

p.s. Here’s what might very well be playing over the soundsystem right now. 

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Le Weekend Recommendations


Tonight! Chandra takes to the Double Double Land stage replacing her 1980 backing band the Dance with top flight/top of their game/weirdo pop crew Bile Sister.  This show will mark the reissue of Chandra’s special expanded ‘under-the-radar-post-punk-mutant-disco-Aaron-Levin-Championed-1980-NYC-classic’ ‘Transportation’.  Also on the bill an unstoppable magnificent bastard named Sexy Merlin and the Healing Powers of (the Bile Sister recommended) New Chance.  Check all the details here.

p.s. the team of (one of the best bands in this city) Mimico‘s guitar god Jeremiah Knight, Grounders Evan Lewis and Sonic Boom’s own Dufton(e) Gold present psychedelic rock findings called Fuzz Nugs down the street at Handlebar. Details here.

On Saturday Night, dynamo organ ruler Carl Didur splits from his Zacht Automaat and her U.S. Girls for an intimate solo performance/release.  If the show meets the level of the release, this will be classic Didur!  Classic Didur!!!  All the details here. 

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Sonic Boom NOW

SB_20Photo not by Tim Oakley

NOW Toronto catches up with our beloved *Barber, Jeff* for the inside scoop on the big move to 215 Spadina.  Read all about it:

NOW: Sonic Boom’s new digs.


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Sonic Boom at the 2014 TAVES


Sonic Boom is excited to announce we have accepted an invitation to take part in the 2014 Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show.  For this prestigious (glimpse into the future of A/V technology) event our own ‘vinyls‘ aficionado Evan Lewis Lewis will be selecting some of our finest new and ‘previously enjoyed’ LPs (Long players) from our extensive (massive) catalog of quality product.  Also expect to see our wonderful record accessories (including ‘Lewis and Lloyd’s Premium’ Record Cleaning elixir).  T.A.V.E.S. runs from Friday October 31st to Sunday November 2nd.

For more information about T.A.V.E.S. click:

T.A.V.E.S. Online


And make sure to visit our new location opening September 27th at 215 Spadina, just north of Queen Street !!


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Sneak Peek: Two Hundred Fifteen Spadina

Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin… by showing you a sneak peek of our incredible new location at 215 Spadina courtesy of Nathan ‘NATO’ Houbraken Photography.  And check back for updates here concerning our big opening: This Saturday September 27th!

SB_21 SB_20 Continue reading

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This Friday: Surinam at Bassline

surinam - rec1

Facebook Event

“I heard it through the Bassline, and I’m just about to lose my mind.”

This Friday night, as Sonic Boom preps our big move to 215 Spadina, we take a break in the name of Rock and Roll to proudly present, as part of the Bloor Ossington Folk Festival, one of our absolute favourite bands in the city Surinam!  Also on this outstanding bill Lunchmeat, Terrorlake, and LICE (featuring Tim Fagen of another one of our favourite bands New Fries).  For all the details visit the Facebook event here.

And get the skinny on Surinam herevia this fantastic Chart Attack article.

Listen here:

(Surinam Photo by Joe Strutt of Mechanical Forest Sound)


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We are moving to 215 Spadina!

Dear customers/friends,

We are moving to our new location at 215 SPADINA AVE.

Our 782 Bathurst Location’s last day will be Sunday September 21st.

Come see us at our 215 Spadina shop (right next door to Dark Horse Coffee!)
Saturday September 27th at 10AM

And yes…We will be open until midnight. 7 days a week. 364 days a year.

See you there!

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This Tuesday: The Wooden Sky at Sonic Boom


Tuesday evening, as the clock strikes lucky number 7 in the PM, the Wooden Sky bring their tried, tested and true Canadiana roots rock to this here Sonic Boom.  This could quite possibly be the last celebration of live music at the 782 Bathurst location of Sonic Boom (before our big bad ass move to 215 Spadina).  We’re excited to have fan favourites the Wooden Sky closing out what has become a storied tradition of fantastic live music here.  This has included tremendous performances over the past year from the remarkable Angel Olsen, Polaris nominee Shad, local favourites Weaves, and international hardcore juggernaut Fucked Up.  For further information on this ‘historic’ event:

Facebook Event


The Wooden Sky INFO:
Official Site

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Thursday Thunder: Fresh Snow @Field Trip/Discovery Series III


This Thursday night, ‘don’t eat the yellow snow’ as Francis Zappa once said, taste it fresh!  Our house band, our Roots, our Kevin Eubanks and the Tonight Show band, our CBS orchestra, our Max Weinberg 7, Fresh Snow unleash their inspired kraut fury at the Garrison for Field Trip’s Discovery Series.  Joining them will be Sonic Boom’s finest import, from the land down under, the continent of Australia (insert ‘rare Men at Work in stock’ joke), Evan Lewis and his chamber pop/rock conglomerate Grounders.  VU inspired ‘gazers Programm and grunge revivalists Dirty Frigs round out the terrific citywide bill.  Event is free with RSVP, more info can be obtained here.

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Cinema of the Mind Expansion/Explosion: Herzog!


The Werner Herzog Collection on Blu-Ray has arrived!  About their new release Shout Factory joyfully shouts:

“He has taken his camera to parts of the world no other director would dare go, and told stories in ways no one had ever considered. These sixteen masterpieces, which blur the line between “fiction” and “documentary,” illustrate why Werner Herzog is the most daring, visionary and dangerous filmmaker of our lifetime — the director that both Milos Forman and Francois Truffaut have called “the greatest filmmaker alive today.”

Take a look at this beaut…


Also new this week: Pickpocket (Criterion), Way Of the 5 Finger Death Strike (12 Films), WWE The Best of Great American Bash, the beautiful new Criterion addition of Cronenberg’s early best(?) Scanners, and more more more (with new used titles stocked everyday).


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The New Music: The Week of July the 15th, 2014


MORRISSEY’S much anticipated ‘World Peace Is None Of Your Business’ hits the shelves this week.  We’ve been excited since talk began and more so after these wonderful promos were issued:

‘World Peace Is None Of Your Business’ (with Nancy Sinatra)
‘The Bullfighter Dies’
‘Earth Is The Loneliest Planet’ (with Pamela Anderson)

p.s. Some of us have suggested that Ms. Anderson (has she ever looked so good?) is starting to really come into her own.

The new Mozzer press is joined on the racks by Anna Calvi, Com Truise, a Fela Kuti reissue, the returning Plastikman, a Clean anthology from Domino, Trash Talk, Wrong Hole and more (see the left side panel for full(er) listings).

Note: our Nathan Houbraken aka NATO is terribly excited about the new Reigning Sound ‘Shattered’ LP.  He would like to thank the band and Merge Records for the issue of this fine new Rock n Roll album. 

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This Week: In the City


This Friday night, standout Toronto label ‘Pleasence Records’ (along with PPOP) presents the Wrong Hole ’2012′ release show (available along with the entire Pleasence catalogue at Sonic Boom).  This marks the debut from this local-synth-punk-super-group featuring Jon Schouten (Teenanger), Andrew Gunn (Deadly Snakes, Comet Control) and Nick Flanagan (Brutal Knights).  Also on this superb (potentially best of the summer) bill, two of our absolute favourite emerging acts:  trance inducing (but keep your head up) kraut punks Surinam and the manic and possessed New Fries.  Click here for further info.


Also, this Wednesday, Sonic Boom Wednesdays at Handlebar showcases (another PPOP event) the Motor City’s Jamaican Queens alongside (Gay’s) Tom Avis’ solo project Farragoes and a hodge podge of locos calling themselves curiously Bodybutter (one wonders, could Gay’s Neil Rankin be involved?).  Most importantly, perhaps, to us Evan Lewis of local rockers Grounders and our own Sohnik Buh’whom Vinyl Desk is on the 1s and 2s.  The Wheels of Steel if you will.  When last we spoke to our Aussie mate Evan aka ‘Lewi Lewi’ he was hunting for No Wave/Early 80s NYC LPs, so expect some skronk and mutation of the disco.  More info on this PWYC show here.

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